ŠKODA Connect
Application made for Škoda Auto a.s. and available on the App Store. It is one of the best automotive applications in the world. Huge and nontrivial project that uses the most innovative technologies in mobile development. ŠKODA Connect is intended for the customers around the world and allows them to manage their Škoda vehicles. More at official application page.

The application is made for the E.ON group and available on the App Store. Energy24 is intended for the Czech customers and allows them to manage accounts and energy devices as electricity meter, gas meter etc. This is B2C application that is very useful for the end user (TV commercial).

 Attach SDK
Attach SDK is a framework that allows to include P2P video calls and chat to any mobile application in a few lines of code. All needed UI and logic are already implemented in the framework. For communication the SDK uses WebRTC technology. This project was developing for Closeup Inc. and will be released soon.

 Study Manager
Study Manager is a powerful tool for managing your studies or projects. It contains everything needed for study monitoring: convenient list of subjects, tasks with priority, complete schedule and more. This application is completely free and available on the App Store. If you want to look at source code or improve the project, feel free to contact me.

icon180 DPP Offline: Prague Routes
DPP Offline is a smart search engine for public transport routes in Prague. Application uses performance of the device to find a route without internet connection. This application is very algorithm sensitive and uses improved A* algorithm with many heuristics. Also, this application became a theme of my bachelor’s thesis in Computer Science.